Twenty-Second Week: Focus 52: Blue

Yay! A theme that is simple but yet can be so complex. Blue.

I took a few pictures that went with the theme. These are what turned out enough that I liked them (can you tell I'm getting anxious to get my royalty cheques from a project I'm working on so I can upgrade from my Elph to a SLR?)

First, I decided to play with colour accent on my camera:

Colour Accent Nails (306)

Nail polish display, only blue highlighted.

Inco Innovation Center

I had to go to a graduation this week and this was the view from the building. Very blue. I took pictures of this building a while ago as well - here and here and here. Fantastic building for colours and pictures.

Grey Sky

This week was not a pretty week weather wise. I spent a lot of time freezing - it was so cold. Today was the first good day. This picture was taken when I was longing for a blue sky.

Self Portrait Saturday: I love this guy (306)

The guy I love. In his blue half cabs. Doing something he loves.

I have to say, I'm looking forward to summer when I'll have a little more time to play with taking pictures and themes. Yay teaching summers.

Work of everyone else here.


Sandra Chetwynd said...

Great photos.. love that first shot!

Butterbean Row said...

Nice blue photos!