Eight Week - Focus 52 - Celebrating Me!

The theme this week is Celebrate Me!. I've been in a funk lately, feeling not so great about many factors and trying to get things to where I need them to be in my life. So I liked this prompt and decided to theme my pictures this week around that, trying to find things that I do like about myself.

Celebrating Me: Shoes (211)

This was the first one - shoes and fishnets. I wore them and felt good about me, my style and how I present myself. This doesn't always happen - sometimes I feel fat and dumpy and gross - but this picture reminds me I can be cute and stylish.

Celebrating Me: Social Justice (212)

I like that I'm the social justice person in the school. I like that I get these things - as soon as they arrive at school they're given to me. I like that people know I want to help others. And I really like these stickers - very pretty and well done.

Celebrating Me: Working Wednesday: Stood Up (213)

I did a great thing this week. Well, me and my two favourite students - the YAC. We organized pink shirt day, made it a success and stood up to bullying. Plus I had a GSA meeting which was so well attended - double the members! - and I knew that all the work that I do is so useful and appreciated.

Celebrating Me: Communications (214)

I celebrate that I can communicate in so many different ways. My job is to communicate with so many people and I have to find many ways to do this. Plus, I need to adapt to anything that comes my way. When you add in that it just looked like a great shot - fountain pen and android phone - I'm happy. The implied symbolism and the set up were great.

Celebrating Me: I have a son who loves me (215)

I don't always feel like a good mom. I don't always feel like I deserve the title of mom. I'm impatient, I'm stubborn, I'm frustrating. I like my space. But I guess I'm doing something right. My son loves me. And I love him.

Celebrating Me: Self Portrait Saturday: Celery (216)

My weight is always a struggle. I can't eat like most people and when I do, it goes bad on me. Or, I over do it. But I'm working so hard on this. I'm celebrating that I am starting to crave things like celery. It's pretty and so yummy. So pretty.

I'm not past the winter blahs that are impacting my mood and making me so frustrated with myself. But it has helped a little.

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Seventh Week - Focus 52

This week I submitted four picture - and none of them are really the theme, even though I tried. The theme was close up.

The first picture is this one:


I love taking pictures at the grocery store, focusing in on one item - in this case, the rows of apples. I thought of the theme in that regard - the close up of apples, one simple, simple item in a very busy and at times overwhelming store.

Picture number two:

Love is Louder

This is a lot like one last week, just now it's part of a bigger work. In the comments you can see some close ups of others as well as the bigger work (edited to not show the school name). I LOVE this project, love what the students are doing and I really think that if they it's a good way for everyone to get close up and personal - loving and taking care of themselves.

Tiny Birds

This is me getting up close with origami. I love doing origami and got a chance to do it with the son. I decided to take some pictures of our work, up close and as personal as you can get with folded paper. These little birds were so cute.

And this is my picture of the week, the one I think best fits the theme.

I love chapters clearance (208)

Close up of the novel I bought and read the other night. It's a close up of the cover design - she always uses visuals to illustrate the theme. We got a little up close with a few characters and it was good.

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Sixth Week - Focus 52

The theme this week was love. The description is here.

As always, I have three pictures - only two could go in the flickr pool at this point because I uploaded last Sunday, but I'll share all three here.

This one is of student work:

Student Work

Love is Louder is part of our 'Love Yourself February'. We have so much planned like pink shirt day, yoga during lunch and guest speakers. They made hundreds of these hands all on this theme and they're going to put them up in the school. Great kids. Great message.

Self Portrait Saturday: A Box (203)

This is my first heart shaped box of chocolates ever. We decided to celebrate Valentines on Saturday and I came out of the shower to find this on my chair. They were yummy. Very yummy.

I think this is my focus 52 picture of the week:

Love (199)

This picture I took of the son and I one morning and then edited the heck out of it. I made it black and white, added a reddish tint and made it so that the arms weren't quite as awkward. I love my son. A lot. He's a great kid.

The work of everyone is here.

Fifth Week - Focus 52

Week five and the theme is framed. I tried to think of different ways that things could be framed in my vision and the different uses of frames that are out there.

One picture, which I took today, was of frames at my parents house.

Butterflies in frame (198)

These are frames in the dining room. The room was decorated at one point for a birthday party. Yet, after the decorations came down, these butterflies were left, as well as other small ones around the room. It's nice seeing them- cheery reminders of parties and celebrations.

The second picture, which I like as a concept more but I don't think I did as well as a picture is this one:


I like the concept of this one. This is a church on my daily runs. It's really beautifully landscaped - very symmetrical and landscaped. I love how the Mary is framed by the landscaping - the lights, the trees and the shaping. I did it in black and white because I felt that fit it best. I'm just not totally happy with the picture, otherwise it would be my number one choice. I think I eventually need to get an slr.

This is the one I chose as my definite focus 52 picture for this week:

When you look through my hole punch....(194) (4/52)

I framed the shot with my huge hole punch (here). I have taken countless shots of and around my library. Usually it's a little neater than it is in this shot but I like how the colours all come together to make a pretty view through the hole punch. It's nerdy wonderment. A library through a big hole punch.

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