Twenty-First Week: Line it up - Focus 52

Well, I lined up a bit. In my brain at least. Here's what I submitted:

T-Rex Stencil (296)

This is a stencil that my son did at his after school program. The teacher taught him about lining up his stencil and chalking it onto the sidewalk. It's a t-rex. He was so proud.

Monkey Bars

The ultimate kid line up. Monkey Bars. I love how the primary colours look in the sunlight.

The next two go together:


Nail Polish

I love how make up looks in in the store - ironic because I don't wear loads of make up. I do wear nailpolish and I am always struck by how it's lined up - gradually changing colours, themed collections and the contrast between "old lady" and "punky teen" colours. I wonder who buys what and what people have on their toes when no one sees them vs what they have on their fingers. The line up of colours of make up is always good for a ponder.

Stripes (298)

Here I did not line it up. I was cold, mom loaned me socks and a sweater and I realized how many lines were going on. I love these sock so much. I have blue ones that are very similar to it.

I liked this prompt very much.

Everyone else is here.


April said...

All of these are perfect! Nice work :)

LaValle Linn said...

The red, yellow and blue monkey bars jumps off the screen!