Thirty-Eighth Week - Focus 52 - Flight

This week was a tough one picture wise. A few more phone photos than I would have liked, a few less creative shots.
Just this one.


The bees in my parents garden are going crazy. They fly around, from flower to flower, and generally make me amazed and creep me out all at once.

Work of everyone else here.

Thirty-Seventh Week - Focus 52 - Bokeh

Well, I tried. But I didn't do great with Bokeh. I'm still working on it and I have to really look into new lenses. However, here's what I did:

Peas - or beans? (54)

Sunflower (51)


Love (56)


Two of them weren't bokeh at all but pictures I liked due to colour or lighting. Still, I think I need to start investing in lenses.

Work of everyone else here.

Thirty-Sixth Week - Focus 52 - September

Ok... September. For me, it means the start of work again. Which means, for the most part, a week when I can't take a lot of good pictures. Hopefully that changes. Especially since I mostly don't take anything because I'm TIRED.

My "New" Bike (49)

Sunflower in the rain (48)

Crazy Waves


Bikes, blossoms, hurricane tails and harvest. It's September!

Work of everyone else is here.

Thirty-Fifth Week - Focus 52 - Random

This week, there was no theme. So my pictures are random. Very random. It was fun week but not full of too many pictures. So here goes:


Moon and Sunset

Peter Pan Statue


Handlebar and Brake

Work of everyone else here.