Thirty-Fourth Week - Focus 52 - Red

The theme this week was red, which I really tried to keep in mind. This week was full - photo adventures, editing, need for naps, errands - a full week. However, I did manage to get a few pictures that I really liked, some of which I shared in the flickr photo pool.

Not on the theme:

The Republic

Wind Turbine Farm
(more in the comments)

A little more red:

The Lighthouse
(more in the comments)

Before the storm (35)

The Light House

Work of everyone else here.

Thirty-third Week - Focus 52 - Water

Well, this week, picture wise, was almost a write off. And, sort of, no pun intended. My computer issues are coming to a close I think (just waiting for the power supply that actually works to show up!) but I spent the week writing. I'm doing a book for a series for Scholastic - terrified still that it won't be published, even though it's already listed in the series list - but ready to announce it to the five people (at most!) who read this blog weekly. I spent most of the week writing and editing - a horrid process - and didn't get out there and take pictures.

Which really - I live on a freekin' island! Water should be a no brainer. It's summer, so taking pictures should be a no brainer. I have my new camera, which makes taking pictures a full brainer as I try to learn but so fun it's a no brainer. However, I took a lot of phone pictures this week. Those which follow this explanation have been taken in the last day or so, which I could finally relax.

First, on the theme:

Sunshine on the Water

Salmonier nature park, on the trail.

Reflection (28)

Also at Salmonier, where the otters used to be. A landscape shot in the comments.

And, not on the theme

Window View

The view through the 'window' of an abandoned house we found .It had fallen in on itself.

Beer in the sun

A beautiful afternoon, beautiful sun, relaxing beverage.

Things my son picked for me
My son is the best. He picked this for me. The berries were ripe and warm, the daisy beautiful.

The work of everyone else is here.

Here's hoping for a better picture week!

Thirty-second week - Focus 52 - Smile

Only two pictures this week. Long story. However, I kinda like them. The theme was smile but it's more what makes me smile, not pictures of smiles.



This makes me smile. Partly because of how often I do take pictures of flowers and partly because it makes me happy, knowing how my new camera can take beautiful pictures.

And this of course makes me smile:

This afternoon (19)

The son and I had some starbucks time, reading and enjoying some overpriced drinks. Of course, can you call them overpriced if you enjoy them? I LOVE how much he loves to read. Here he's perusing 'Quidditch through the ages', which I hope can answer some questions more than I can. I LOVE IT! I makes my little librarian heart sing.

Work of everyone else here.

Thirty First Week - Focus 52 - Sun

So the weather this week SUCKED. And next week is bad too. And my computer blew up - virus and power issues. Things have not been conducive to me doing the theme this week or doing a blog when I meant to on my own computer. However, I did submit three pictures to the forum - one taken Sunday, two others taken throughout this week. The weather is horrible. This was bad for so many reasons - especially given that this is the time my husband and I have off.



The husband on one of the decent days.

I'm a stereotype

In the garden, last Sunday. Rain has been falling already.

Fog City Diner (14)

One of our rainy day adventures. Best burger ever.

Work of everyone else here. Hoping I get the ability to visit most of them like I usually do - this broken laptop thing is horrid!!