Week Four - Focus 52x2 - Lines

Yeah... I failed this week. I took lots of pictures, none on theme. It's been busy. I've looked for opportunities for the theme but unfortunately, haven't had a chance to develop past looking. So I give you the following:

A top hat full of suspenders (185)
A top hat full of suspenders.

Elephant Legs (183)
Elephant legs

I know that I'll be busy for the next few weeks but hopefully I can follow the themes more!

Work of everyone else here.

Week Three - Focus 52x2 - Black and White

This week, the theme was black and white. Around here, it was also exhaustion and sinus infection. And, for a family photo project, the theme was wheels. So it was a week. However, I did get a few pictures that I liked, three of which were black and white. Win!

New Nail Polish (177)
Great new nail polish, a grey glitter. Sure it came off pretty quickly but I loved it when it was on.

National Popcorn Day (178)

Black and White and Grey (179)

Hot Wheels!
This one obviously isn't black and white. However, I really like how it turned out. So I'm sharing!

Work of everyone else here.

Week Two - Focus 52x2 - I am

Week two of Focus 52x2 is I am. This week I could have defined myself as many things - I am stressed, I am busy, I am without internet, I am wearing funky tights, I am feeling huge, I am a mom, wife, teacher, librarian, hopeful, sad, tired, ambitious. So many. Here are a few pictures helping along the description:

Wool Time (172)
I am a failed knitter. I am someone who loves this wool and wool like it. I saw this when I was at the craft store buying more wool for costumes I need.

Winter Daisy
I am a lover of daisies. So pretty.

New Home
I am producing 'Phantom of the Opera'. The Artistic Director gave me this for Christmas. I've rehomed it to my office. It's near the disco ball. This also says something about my office - kids come by to look at it sometimes.

Fallen Star (173)
Starfish on the beach on a windy day. I am someone who sometimes feels like this little fallen star. Needing to find the tide to bring me back. Sleep helps.

The Waves
I am an island girl. It's a cold island in the North Atlantic but it's an island and the ocean is my friend.

Work of everyone else here.

Week One - Focus 52x2 - New

And we're back - new focus 52 project! The theme this week was, quite fittingly, new. I put up two pictures:

New in the stores this week it's....

Cute little Giraffe (164)

Valentines supplies. No wonder time flies - major holidays and events are so planned out by the time they get here they're boring!

I bought myself a little treat:

Little red uke (167)

My little red ukulele. It makes me happy. I just need to get the strings to relax and stay in tune!! Of course, being a mom, everyone assumes it's for my son. But no - he's using my old one and I have a brand new geeky little one!

Work of everyone else here.

Fifty-Second Week - Focus 52 - Celebration!!

Holy Schmoly! It's the last week. The last week and I'm almost past the deadline for submitting!! Here goes - for the last focus 52 of 2011!

Relaxation (160)


Big Sparkle

Sparkle, Sparkle, Big Old Star (158)

Work of everyone else here.