Week 26 - Focus 52x2 - Half

I cannot believe that we're half way through the year. For me, it's even better because I'm more than half done work - I have two months of vacation, then back to work I go. Then four months and it's the end of the year. Holy schmooly.

So, half. Half. I took a couple half pictures this week, nothing major unfortunately.

Halfway through the walk
Halfway through a walk that we took this week. Kenny's Pond. Beautiful day, beautiful pond.

A building burnt in the downtown area. It's being rebuilt and this is but half of it.

Work of everyone else here.

Week 25 - Focus 52x2 - It's a guy thing

I spent today at the CF Day - Canadian Forces. Oddly - and luckily - there were no women in uniform. And my son and husband were so very excited about their ride in a tank like vehicle - I went on it last year so it was the husbands turn. And I was able to get some pictures for the theme!


Push Ups
He went on to do pushups with small children on his back.


And for something completely different:
Bottles (326)
(can't submit this one - it's from last saturday!)

Work of everyone else here.

Week 24 - Focus 52x2 - Window View

I don't think I've ever looked at window sils quite so much as I did this week. Here are my findings:

A&W Window sill (314)



Office Window (311)

Waiting (312)

Work of everyone else here.

Week 23 - Focus 52x2 - Get Down

I tried to do this one and found myself lying on floors, crouching to see down low and look up. Some of the pictures I'm pleased with, some were not quite as clear. Here goes!

Zoom lens
Playing with a borrowed zoom lens.

Getting Down: Shelves
The library floor needs to be cleaned.

Wet dandelions in seed form.

Down Low: Work Feet (307)
Biggest problem at work - finding my shoes. They rarely stay on for long.

Get Down: left behind toys
Toys left behind.

Big Kid
Not in the group as I am mixed on this on. I like the colours, don't like how fuzzy my son is. I do love the perspective of it and it's what I'd hoped to do, just not with the lack of focus. He kept banging into me. Pictures like this remind me that I always need to have clothing in which I can hang out on the pavement.

Work of everyone else here

Week 22 - Focus 52x2 - Right Now

Well, this week there were a few moments that naturally occurred as 'right now'. Not posed, not staged - nothing but now.

Rocket Bakery: Table Flowers
Out for breakfast by myself. Great moments that just kinda happened.

Happening now
I love grocery stores. Always so busy and bustling.

Throwing rocks at the iceburg
What's more 'right now' than a kid throwing rocks at an iceburg?

Work of everyone else here.