Week 52 of 52 - Holidays

Life took over for a while and didn't write this blog. However, it's nice to be back for week 52 of week 52 - holiday pictures. Here goes:

Christmas: Part Two

Christmas Day - the wrap king! (152)

Christmas Day

Christmas Cat (151)

Happy New Year (158*****)


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Week 45 - Focus 52x2 - Beautiful November

I've been out of it for a few weeks - work, sickness, family stuff. No pictures were decent. Now, they're not necessarily good but certainly better! Beautiful November!

Some of these weren't in the flickr group, in case you were wondering.

Photo Walk with New Lens

Photo Walk with New Lens (97)

November Skies

November Skies

November Skies

November Skies

Photo Club: Photo Walk (95)

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Week 41 - Focus 52x2 - Autumn Colours

It's week 41 and I still need to look up how I format my titles. Sad really that I can't remember. Either way, the theme is Autumn Colours, something I've been missing greatly. Apparently the storm we had a few weeks ago killed that part of the trees so they're just getting to be a darker green and then losing their leaves, as opposed to the spectrum of autumn colours that we're used to. It's a suck it up princess kind of moment where I just need to search harder and find a way to make it work. I found some and tried not to duplicate pictures that I'd taken last week of pumpkins and flowers.

Fall, finally! (72)

Fall, finally!

Kid in a tree

Fall leaves (71)

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Week 40(!) - Focus 52x2 - Silhouettes


Something I love taking pictures of.

Going to see any here? Nope.

Overcast week, lack of ability with flashes, busy times. Plus a cold. So, really, due to excuses I didn't go with the theme. I did get a picture in my head of something I want to take - just need to get the right light....

However, here's what I have:

Saturday Walk: Scenes downtown

Signs of fall (64)

Saturday Walk: Scenes downtown

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Week 38 - Focus 52x2 - Street View

I was not pleased with anything I took that was strictly on theme. My country roads had too many power lines, other roads were not well taken. So instead, here are things that were taken while I was on the road myself (or, in two cases, in a parking lot but one was a view from the road).

My beatnik camera boy (53)

Like a weird fair ride

Nature walk

Nature walk

Nature walk

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Week 37 - Focus 52x2 - Music

We had a hurricane this week. Well, not really. It was a little under hurricane when it landed. So this week was spent calling insurance about the tiles that came off my (new) roof rather than taking the pictures I'd like to take. However, I did get a few (loved the theme, btw!)

Leaving on a Jet Plane
Storm Clouds

You gotta know when to hold 'em...
Rock me, very similar to how a hurricane would do it

The last rose of summer... (that's a song, right?)
Last rose of summer (44)

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Week 35 - Focus 52x2 - Signs

Ok, week 35! How did it get to week 35 already?

This weekend past, the husband surprised me with a road trip to another part of the province. Great photo opportunities, great time together - great guy I married. A number of the pictures are from there, especially from the abandoned amusement park we found.

Anniversary Trip - Third Day - Bonnivista Lighthouse, Trinity, Trinity Loop
There are actually loads of root cellars there. I've never seen so many!

Anniversary Trip - Third Day - Bonnivista Lighthouse, Trinity, Trinity Loop

Anniversary Trip - Old Cabins, Old Movie Sets, Old Amusement Parks

Anniversary Trip - Old Cabins, Old Movie Sets, Old Amusement Parks

Parking Garage
This last one is from downtown home. I took a similar one previously but I just love that view.

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Week 34 - Focus 52x2 - All creatures great and small

Ok.. bugs is where my brain went. If it was not for the great fear I have of wasps I could have had some great pictures. However, I did get up close and personal with a few creatures and their leave behinds....

little fellow

Outside the airport: bugs, gates and shoes
can't believe I didn't run away from that bee.

Cabbage Patch Kids
see all the snack holes?

Fresh as fresh can be  (27)
Ok, not bugs, not creatures but yummy yummy veggies.

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Week 33 - Focus 52x2 - Blue

It seems like each week the theme is one that I'd taken pictures of the week previous that I really like! I think it's me being lazy when I come to that conclusion!! I was in a workshop all week this week which is a nice ease in to getting back to work proper.

Here goes for this week:

New Necklace (23)
New necklace. Found it on clearance at Pier 1 while I was shopping for frames. It opens! I have already distracted coworkers with it.

Clouds (22)
A beautiful day that kept going to horrid and rainy. Very mixed - as you can see from the clouds.

Cloudy day, pretty trees (21)
Good week for gardens, bad week if you wanted sun. Great week for being back at work.

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Week 32 - Focus 52x2 - Flight

This was an interesting week. On my way home from a holiday last Sunday I read the post announcing the topic - flight. Knowing that the flight museum was in the town we were stopping for lunch, I thought I'd get some decent pictures. Then we found out that the festival of flight was on. I hoped I'd get even more pictures I like. I didn't get as many pictures that I really liked but I did get some. And here they are:

Family Trip - August 1-5 - Day Five - Road Home/Gander
Loving the new zoom lens.

Family Trip - August 1-5 - Day Five - Road Home/Gander
Cloudy clouds with flight stream

Home again (13)
Plane at the Aviation museum.

Work of everyone else work of everyone else here.