Week Seven - Focus 52x2 - Love

This week was busy again. Almost out of the woods (yet not the musical - apparently our school will never do that one). 'The Phantom of the Opera' will soon play, my producing/costuming/helping with set and props role will soon end and I hopefully will be able to relax in off time and get things done effectively in work time.

So, my pictures for this week. Love is an easy one - I have so many people I love and I know love me.

Robot of love
I loved this stamp - came on a bag of candy a kid gave my son at school. He looked so lovey and happy.

He gave us his heart
When I picked the son up on valentines day, this was soaking wet with paint, but the smile of my lovely little man made it worth figuring out how to get it home with as little damage to it and the world around it as possible.

Small water drip
Ok, so not really love. Except for the fact that this picture was taken during family time on a little walk with the husband and son. And taken with my camera and lens that my husband made sure I had. I'm a lucky girl to have such love in my life.

Work of everyone else here.

Week Six - Focus 52x2 - Still Life

I really can't wait until March. In March I should be able to write some of these posts without saying "I was soooo busy this week". Because this week? Busy. Next week? Busy. Week after? Super Busy. Week after that? Figuring out where we stand with all the busy done.

The theme was 'Still Life'. I meant to go to the art room at school where they are, coincidentally, doing still life, and take a picture. But I didn't. So here are some interpretations of the theme but pictures of the things going on around me.

The LRC these days (198)
Thus far this week - a tutu in front of a huge wooden structure being marbleized. I did not do any of that painting. However, having it around is my life lately.

A mouse (196)
A mouse, on the doctors desk.

Saturday Treat (199)
Saturday afternoon snack. Worms and dirt cupcake and a diet coke. Work of everyone else here. Seriously, visit them - they're much better at this than I am.

Week Five - Focus 52x2 - Cold

This week it was a little easier to follow the theme - cold was the theme for this week, literally. We had a half a storm day this week, then a full storm day - two days off of school. During the half day, 21 cm of snow fell in two hours. It was crazy. And then today, Saturday, we had another waste of a storm day and had a blizzard. Lots of snow, lots of cold. Of course, it meant that I couldn't take my camera out easily - so much snow falling would have hurt it. But I did get a few shots!

Snowy snowy bushes (191)

Blue accents on a cold day

Dog Prints

Work of everyone else here.