Thirtieth Week: Focus 52 - Vintage

Thirtieth week eh? Amazing to realize that we're that far through the year. The theme this week was vintage. Some of my pictures follow that theme, others are just ones that I like.

So here goes:

Lanterns (2)

Wild Rose (7)

I love this

Churchill Park

1948 Plymouth (more in the comments of this one)

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Twenty-Ninth Week - Glass - Focus 52

Ok... so I misread the prompt. I read it as 'Grass'. Close but not the same. However, most of the pictures I took I wouldn't have fitting either prompt - the real one or my imaginary one.

Kent`s Pond - Daisy

A daisy the son gave me. I love daisies.

Kent`s Pond - Love is all you need

One of the ponds has little gates with hearts. I took this picture and had the heart in the foreground - in focus. Love is all you need.

And popcorn. Love and popcorn.

Pond grasses

Since I thought it was grass, here you go. Grass.

Two of my three pictures were taken with one camera - the grass and the following two were taken with another. I just replaced my elph with a SLR. My husband made it possible - pushed me to do it, gave me a gift of a bunch of cash and a print out of slrs on sale right now and we had to get it. So I have a slr. And the villagers rejoice!

I have an amazing husband (364)

365 Finished (365)

Now I just need to learn how to use it.

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Twenty-Eighth Week - Focus 52 - Summer

I followed the theme a little and a little bit not.

Pictures from the week:

A walk downtown (to take skateboarding pictures of my husband) produced the following:

Self Portrait Saturday: Lots of Me (359)

Cloudy building


Unexpected beauty

It was a beautiful sunny summer day, fit for chilling out, taking pictures and having ufn.

And this bunny had the same thoughts about the next day - eating the clover in the yard of my parents:

Bunny!! (360)

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Twenty-Seventh Week - Focus 52 - Independence

This week the theme was independence. Some of my pictures reflected that, others I just liked.

MUNDY POND:Independent boy

This is my boy, starting to claim some independence. Taking different paths and going his way.

Little plant

This plant is growing on it's own and doing it's own thing.

Flowers on the table

This is sotry of independent. The husband and I had a date night and then a date morning - the son slept over at his grandparents house. This was us eating out at Rocket Bakery to have our breakfast.


I just liked the look of this - an old parking sign that I saw on a walk downtown.

Daisies at Dusk

Daisies and dusk. Beautiful to me.

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Twenty-Sixth Week: Celebration: Focus 52

The theme this week was 'celebrate'. I decided to concentrate on the big celebration we had this week - Canada Day. We went out to my parents house and had a big barbeque. I brought a messed up cake and delicious kabobs, they provided chips and burgers and drinks. Add wonderful company. Aunts and uncles were there, cousins and second cousins, husband, parents and child. A good time was had by all. All of the following pictures are from that day:

Canada Celebration

Sunshine on the pond

Canada Celebration


Table Cloth

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