Twenty-Third Week: Down low: Focus 52

Ok... week twenty three. Down low. I kept thinking it was 'look down' so I'm kind of between the two themes. Or at least most of my pictures are the looking down of being down low....

Outside 'Kitchen Queen'.

I do like how this one came out. This was from a walk around downtown that the son and I took this morning. We were walking past 'Kitchen Queen' and he asked what this was. I explained that there were some stores that had things placed in the side walk and this was one of them. So we both took some pictures of it.

The parents are at it again....

My memories childhood were coming home and finding things changed around. My adult memories are going to my parents house and finding things moved around. Mom loves to play around with the placement of the everything. I love how their living room looks like a model from the loft. This is the view of their redecorating, looking down from above.

Grocery Store

The view of a grocery store is so different from the top than the bottom. When you're there, it's shelves of products and boxes. But from the top you can see the down low of it all - people shopping and choosing, children freaking out, people working the deli, roasting chicken and spooning salad. The storage boxes on the top of the shelves shows how much is kept in one space. I love this view.

Looking down (308)

Of course, looking down, down low, there are flowers beginning to bloom. Some are wonderful.

Deck tables

This was a planning holdover from last week - I took it last Sunday after I already had submitted my pictures. The blue stood out to me, which of course was the theme for last week. We were in Winners and I looked down and there were these tables - great colours, great patterms. This is the view after I moved them around and made them how I wanted them.

Work of everyone else here.

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