Fifty-First Week - Focus 52 - Sweet

Holy crap! It's week 51. More than that, it's December 24th. The theme this week was sweet, which was quite apt considering that this week began the overeating that is the holiday season for me. Here goes:


Breakfast (153)


Stained Glass (151)

Glitter (149)

Not all sweet, but the week!

Work of everyone else here.

Fiftieth Week - Focus 52 - Sparkle and Shine

Holy Crap it's week 50! And more than that, I took some on theme!!

Sparkle and shine was the theme. And here goes:

I know I'm overdoing it! (147)
My work Holiday tree! It didn't take that long and it's beautiful!! I'm so very proud! Being a book nerd can be fun!

Working Wednesday: New Necklace (145)
It sparkles. Someone asked me what kind of leaf it was and I said a jewelry leaf. I love how it shines and sparkles.

The lights are like fireworks
The lights shine like fireworks.

Sparkle bulb

Spotlight on glitter!

Work of everyone else here.

Fourty-Ninth Week - Focus 52 - Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

At this point, all I want is time to take some good pictures. Until then, this is what I could do. Sorry about that.

Bricks (140)


Not my tree

Work of everyone else here.

Fourty-Eighth Week - Focus 52 - Free Week!

So, this was a free week Free for everything but my time. I did take a couple pictures that I've shared:

The son makes me happy (129)
The son bought this at the book fair. It makes me happy.

Tea Set
I just loved how the light was hitting this.

Work of everyone else here.