Sixteenth Week - Focus 52 - Easter

For SOME reason, the theme this week was Easter. I was able to take some pictures I think were representative of my Easter. Most of which I submitted to the pool, some of which i did not because they were more personal then interesting.

Chocolate child

Really, this is the emblem of Easter. A child with a face full of chocolate. Of course, he's a beautiful child with a beautiful pair of eyes so it's going to look good anyway (or decent at least). He did have an inability to smile without jumping so I'm very glad for this picture!

Peeps in a bitter dispute

We tried to make them joust. They just puffed up and died. No one won.


They're nut free!!

Little Birdie

From the top of his Easter basket. I love the cute little fuzziness of him.

He had a long night (268)

I saw the set up and I couldn't resist. He'd had a hard night, needed a little help to sleep.

And, of course, the best celebration of the season:

I made it!! (265)

I made it. I made it. I made it.

Everyone else is here.

Fifteenth Week - Focus 52 - Hope

Hope was the theme of the week. There are so many hopes - some of which sorted themselves out (such as my work computer being fixed - I hoped and hoped for that to come back and then it did). I had hope for spring with so many warm days and the appearance of crocuses. I had hopes and dreams that the sons birthday party would go well. And so here's what I came up with for the pool this week.

I love this game (256)

I always have so much hope when I play this game. Hope and ambition. I am the family skee-ball champion. I could play this game for hours on end. I love the feeling - the throws, the hopes that you'll do better each throw, each game. Holding my breath when it gets close to the 10,000 point little circle. Yes, this game is a game of hope.

Hope for spring (254)

The snow is gone. He's wearing sneakers I think. I just hope that it stays this way. And the trees grow leaves. And no more snow comes. I love wearing my boots in the fall and hate wearing them in the spring.

Signs of spring

Not as clear as I originally thought but still beautiful. Spring is coming, ready or not.

Two kinds of cupcakes

In my experience, every time you hold a party for you child, you hope a lot, you wish a lot and you make sure that there's enough there for everyone who was invited, their parents and their childrens children. You hope that people show up because you hope your child will have a big showing. I made 48 cupcakes. We had a bunch left but we had a good showing. 13 of the 23 invited, which, given there's a chess tournament on today (two or three of the kids), spring break holidays ongoing already, Saturday lessons and the stomach flu happening, then well, that's a good showing.

Nothing better....

And of course, throughout the party there's that. The anticipation of leftover cupcakes, beer and recapping the entire thing. The hope it went well, and the celebration that it did.

The work of everyone else here.

Fourteenth Week: Yellow

Well, this week was much harder then green. For some reason, yellow was hard for me. Not sure why. I think this week was just crazy - sick child, pd day, etc. However, I did snap a few, and some of them were even yellow!

First, one that is not:

Awesome stairs

So it's not yellow. But it's cool. I love how it looks - the winding is fantastic.

Then, a yellow one:

Self Portrait Saturday: Best Shopping Trip Ever (252)

The yellow from the bag of eggs pops out from the orange of the lego. We had to look and look and look to find eggs that did not have nuts. And then, we needed 24 lego figures - we found 23. But it came together and we found eggs. And we'll find another minifig. Hidden in there are two small lego sets and two chocolate bars. It was a great shopping trip. And we're nearly ready for the lootbags for the big event next week.

And then, the one that I took at work and had to hide what I was doing...
April Showers bring May Flowers... (251)

I was so worried the kids would see me taking the picture. They already think I'm weird. But I couldn't resist - the flowers set out for the pot luck were so bright and yellow and the theme just kept ringing in my head. I think the nutrition teacher would be pleased.

The work of everyone else here.

Thirteenth Week - Focus 52 - Silly

Ok, this week was busy. Crazy. Frenetic. But not silly. Nuts, perhaps. Or no nuts, as the case seems to be. However, the prompt was silly. Not that it was a silly prompt, it was, quite literally, silly. So... what could I take?

Well, I took this one, just to signify the nuts of this week:

Working Wednesday: Resisting the urge (244)

I didn't submit it to the pool. This is my son, finding out he's allergic to all nuts. ALL NUTS. Seriously people - do you know how many things out there contain 'traces of nuts'. It's so crazy, it's well, nuts. It fits into the frantic silliness of this week.

I didn't submit this one either:
Quality Street (245)

We had a student recess to raise money for students who can't afford prom. Someone made some beautiful cupcakes for us and put all kinds of quality street in the box. They looked like little jewels. But they had nuts so out they went. It's silly just how worried we are these days - but I hope people are just as silly for my child. This picture also reminded me of the frantic silliness of this week - the recess was a full day crazy event. I liked this picture a lot but it's a very tenuous connection to the theme.

I did submit this one:

My Ninja

It may seem silly, but I like toys. This is one of my protectors in my office. My little ninja. He's a happy guy.

This was a beautiful moment while driving home:
It just appeared (245)

Childhood silliness - making a beautiful snow person who was going to be destroyed in the next day or two. Bringing such beauty in such a silly way. It was appreciated.

And this one...
Lego Village

This just reminds me of the 'If the World Were a Village' book - this is just a messed up village!

The work of everyone else is here.