Twelfth Week - Focus 52 - The View From Here

Ahhhh... this week. The view from here.

I really could not get behind this as much as other themes. This was such a busy week which led to less creativeness for me. I tired to do what I could with it, but really, I guess this is such a sad little view from here - here being my busy life at this point.

First picture, my fashion view:
Working Wednesday: Patterns (239)

I try to have my own style, which works for me sometimes I guess. This week it included my plaid skirt and my blue leopard print shoes. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I think this worked.

View across the table:
Lucky Kid (237)

Staring across the table at my son - he won in his second attempt at Roll up the Rim. My win came much later in the week. I'm 1/12 and he's 1/2. At this point he is still ahead of me - especially since I bought his winning cup for him!

View of the seasons:


The view from here weather wise is that we have no idea what's going to happen next. I can wear spring dresses and winter boots. I don't know what we're going to see in the morning when I look out the window and if it's going to be the same in the afternoon. Frilly dresses with flowers and big ole boots. That's how it is now.

The news this week:

The Newseum (240)

The news is so often a view from here - a way to view the past and learn about the present. Some of my students are working on a display about the Newseum. We made the background out of positive news stories. I think it's fantastic and such a positive look at the week.

Looking back - the view from the next day:

Self Portrait Saturday: I did not listen (242)

Should have been slower with my samples. I learned. I learned.

Everyone else has contributed here.

Eleventh Week - Focus 52 - Green

The theme this week was 'green'. I will admit, I mostly stuck to the colour green which was easy given the celebrations of this week. Around our house, St. Patrick's day gets noticed.

Picture one was taken while I was making my Rainbow Cake. This was the green layer being mixed.


I love how the green looks being mixed into the white batter. It turned out fantastically, if I do say so myself.

The other side of green is of course the environment. And finding these was fantastic for the theme of this week:

Post-its (232)

I have to say the colours of the green label and the pink notes are fantastic together.

Just as the snow pictures showed me winter was coming, grass pictures show me spring is coming.

Winter Leaves

Look at that green grass! This makes me very happy (and the son very frustrated).

Green milk:

Green Milk

Not leprechaun pee.

Current project by the son and husband: Chia Homer.

Chia Homer (235)

Ch-ch-ch-Chia! Getting very green.

This was my St. Patrick's day attire for this year:

School attire (234)

I have some issues with St. Patrick - you know it was pagans and not snakes he got rid of, right? That I have issues with. As I said to a teacher in the staff room, "Happy O'Genocide Day" (after explaining what I had issues with). However, anything that unites people can be a good thing. And my son LOVES St. Patrick's day. So I made it as witchy as I could - link to the shirt I made is on the flickr site for that picture, striped socks and ruby slippers. Trying to blend the two works for me!

Tenth Week - Focus 52 - Variety

The theme this week was variety. I tried to take pictures that showed variety of items - I'm not great at having a variety of looks but I tried to get pictures of a variety of things.

Variety (228)
This starts it off - technology has become so amazing in my life I can upload things from my phone. And I can take pictures of me uploading pictures with my other camera.


I love how stores have the same style and a variety of colours - this is the spring tanks from Dominion/Joe. The display shows all kinds of colours, one style.

More flowers


Flowers. Are there any other things in nature that have more varieties?

Big ass to in bum - they have it all

This is my weekly giggle at variety. All the types of underwear. To be honest, it does help explain the types a bit better.

Everyone elses work is here.

Ninth Week - Focus 52 - Aged

Aged. Aged. Aged. I have aged. I tried to think of some things that were aged besides my face, my hair, my life, my underwear and my clothing in general. Some of them were easy, some were harder, some did involve my eyes and hair.

We had winter carnival a few weeks ago and part of the fun was making snow sculptures. However, the sad thing about snow sculptures is that they always melt. Which is good because the snow is going, but sad because the sculptures slowly lose their shape and personality. I think snow sculptures age the worst out of anything around. Here's an after view from my library:

Working Wednesday: Melting (220)

See the notes for a description of what they were.

We had a snow storm day this week - well, snow and rain storm. The son and I were home and made a treat for lunch - kraft pizza. This was a meal from my childhood. My dad used to make it for us. Now he makes it sometimes when we're out there. And now, sometimes, the son can make it:

Feeling Old (219)

He added the water to the crust mix and then spread it all out in the pan. He also spread his sauce, sprinkled the cheese and put his toppings on. He's gotten so old and so independent. If I have a son that has aged that much, what does that mean for me? Means he can make mine soon!

Literal aging: Old paper towel dispenser in a school:

Thought it would be best in black and white, just because.

The next two are the superficial stuff - the personal aging and what I'm doing to fight it. Thing is, I'm always going to look my age because it's how old I am. When I'm 50 I'll look 50 because I will be 50. When I'm 34 - oh wait - I'll look 34 because I am 34 (which, well, I am). However, sometimes, things need, well, help. My hair has never been great and I have aged it in so many ways. So I try to treat that. And then, well, wrinkles and black bags are part of what makes up my eyes - my son has black bags under his eyes, as does my mom. It's a family trait. Doesn't mean that I don't have to embrace it. So, the following are part of my days these days:

Aging Hair

Self Portrait Saturday: Wrinkles (222)

I have to say, the Boots Number 7 line is fantastic. I also have their moisturizing mask and it is fantastic. Get it at a shoppers (or, really, boots) near you.

The work of everyone else is here.