Playing with the camera while the husband skateboards.


Yellow Flower

Called 'Butter and Eggs', this yellow flower grows everywhere around here in the summer.

Old Mine

Entrance to the mine

From this summer - the entrance to an old mine.



More reds - this time downtown looking at the changes fall had brought.

Nature Walk - Fire Red


So often I focus on the blues of nature. This time, it was the reds and the changes of fall.

Blue Skies - Grey Trees

Blue skies

The funny thing is that I used colour enhance to just get the blue skies, but the trees were all grey anyway. It just, as it is supposed to, enhanced the contrast.

Colour Enhance- Chair


It's litter but it's pretty. I used colour enhance to focus on the blue chair left in the woods.

Oh Christmas Tree


This is a picture of the parents tree. My husband saw I was interested in playing with the new tripod in the house and showed me how set a long shutter and take pretty pictures of christmas tree lights and bulbs. I like this one - this bulb was great to focus on and made the lights look dreamy and a little delicate.

Starting out

This blog will be comprised of - mostly - my focus 52 projects. I just miss blogging and I love doing projects and learning. I'm doing a 365 project on flickr and sometimes I'll just link to those or share pictures that I love or love the behind the scenes story. I'll try to label well so that you know which project - or thought process is behind the pictures.
I don't have a great camera. I have a point and shoot Canon Power Shot SD630 Digital Elph. I'm hoping to get a Canon Rebel at some point. I don't take great pictures but I love learning about what I'm doing and working with it. Some pictures are good and some are just pictures. But I'm learning.