Twenty-First Week: Line it up - Focus 52

Well, I lined up a bit. In my brain at least. Here's what I submitted:

T-Rex Stencil (296)

This is a stencil that my son did at his after school program. The teacher taught him about lining up his stencil and chalking it onto the sidewalk. It's a t-rex. He was so proud.

Monkey Bars

The ultimate kid line up. Monkey Bars. I love how the primary colours look in the sunlight.

The next two go together:


Nail Polish

I love how make up looks in in the store - ironic because I don't wear loads of make up. I do wear nailpolish and I am always struck by how it's lined up - gradually changing colours, themed collections and the contrast between "old lady" and "punky teen" colours. I wonder who buys what and what people have on their toes when no one sees them vs what they have on their fingers. The line up of colours of make up is always good for a ponder.

Stripes (298)

Here I did not line it up. I was cold, mom loaned me socks and a sweater and I realized how many lines were going on. I love these sock so much. I have blue ones that are very similar to it.

I liked this prompt very much.

Everyone else is here.

Twentieth Week - Focus 52 - No Theme

There was no prompt or theme this week. This was both good and bad. Good because I didn't have to tie together a bunch of pictures on one topic. Bad because I worried about my pictures more and hoped that they'd be ok. With a theme at least I know they're topical.

This is what I submitted:

Thought of Me (293)

My new coin purse.

Purple and orange

Flowers at the parents house.

Orange (292)

Orange Tulip


The trees are budding.
Working Wednesday: Mugs (291)

My mugs.

The work of everyone else is here.

Ninteenth Week - Focus 52 - Feminine

The theme this week, I have learned, is feminine. I only found this out yesterday and I looked to see what I took that could fit the theme. See, I spent this week in DC hanging with Obama (seriously - he was at the Newseum when I was!!). So here's my feminine takes, after the fact:

The ultimate feminine, in my opinion:


Eleanor Roosevelt. I take a picture of me with her every year.

From the same memorial:

Faces in the walls

The FDR memorial is my favourite, and not just because it has the only statue of a First Lady in DC. It is beautiful. This face was one in the wall representing the victims of the depression. She stood out to me so much.

And a mother and child duo, kinda....

Wicker mamma and baby

Representing the mama and babys of the zoo. So beautiful - I love how even wicker can care.

And then, two that I submitted to the pool that weren't on the them, but I really liked:

Beautiful Leaves

The sky through the leaves at the zoo


Dusk at Lincoln.

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Eighteenth Week - Focus 52 - May Flowers - Quick Post

Well, this needs to be quick. I'm leaving for DC with a group of kids tomorrow and well, I'm not ready. Luckily I just added two pictures this week and that's really all I have for this week. I didn't really stick with the theme - May Flowers - as this week has been so super crazy. Anyway....

Self Portrait Saturday: Mother's Day Roses (281)

Given that I'm gone tomorrow, I got my Mother's day flowers today. A lego rose, a real rose. So beautiful both of them. I also got a letter in the mail from my son telling me how beautiful I am. I love that kid of mine.

The husband and I (276)

It's the husband and I in lego. This makes me giggle when I see it in my office!

The work of everyone else here.

Seventeenth Week - Focus 52 - April Shower, May Flowers

The theme this week for Focus 52 was April Showers bring May Flowers. I couldn't put many pictures up because of the limits - next week I'm off on a student trip very early Sunday morning so I can't post with good timing so I'm just working with what I have.

Anyway, anyway, anyway. Enough on that. The theme.

I thought about what it could mean and I could come up with two major definitions and one literal meaning. Gotta love that English degree.

The first was that hard work pays off - putting up with unpleasant things and then you have beauty. And so ....

Self Portrait Saturday: I sometimes feel like this squirrel (274)

Store your acorns, save up and eventually you're chubby and can survive. Save up for winter, put up with the hibernation times and then you'll get a chance to eat as many acorns as you stored. Put up with the hard times of storing and starving and then you have a beautiful spring to run around and be a charming lithe squirrel. Right now, I'm the chubby one. Here's hoping I make it to spring and become the lithe squirrel I was meant to be :)

I also thought of the literal - it's Spring. Flowers are springing up, trees are beginning to bloom, grass is getting green. Here in NL things are show in this process but they're happening. And so:

Flowers and trees

Flowers. Beginning to bloom. Found during a walk around a pond. We can do that now - the snow is just about gone!

And finally, the final meaning I thought of - put in the hard work in the beginning and then it pays off. My son, my now seven year old son, reading:

Reading Child (269)

Instilling in him a love a reading at a young age means that he will hopefully become an adult with a love of reading.

Ok, some of these were stretching it a bit. Fun theme, busy week.

Work of everyone else here