Fourty-Seventh Week - Focus 52 - Thankful

This week I was thankful for so very much - my son, my ability to shovel, the fact that fur packed action reunited and put on a great show. I was thankful for my son reading all the time, his sense of humour, colourful ukeleles and beauty in the increasing cold. Here are my pictures:

Last Bloom


Self Portrait Saturday: Me as a child, child of mine (127)

Here a uke, there a uke (126)

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Fourty-Sixth Week - Focus 52 - The Elements

I didn't really take a lot of theme pictures. The theme was 'The Elements'. However, the rain and I don't get along when I want to bring my camera out and given that this week the 'Phantom' casting started, well, this week was crazy busy. We had snow today, but I had a nap and it was gone when I got up. I mostly don't regret it. So, these are my pictures for this week:

Crisp dusky day
Sky at night (119)

Hiding in the heated car on a rainy day
Cold Rain (116)

Clear, crisp morning
Morning Moon (115)

Working Wednesday: Stairway to catwalking (117)

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Fourty-Fifth Week- Focus 52 - Remember This

The theme this week was 'Remember This'. This time is always a bittersweet time for me - my birthday was this week (next topic should be 'when the heck did I get to be 35 and why am I not more grown up at this point?'). However, a couple days before that, 15 years ago, my grandfather died. My grandfather was a veteran and a great man so his loss, especially around Remembrance day is always remembered.

My pictures this week are a mix of fall pictures and picture of the war memorial. I think they were all taken 11-11-11.

Nature - 11-11-11

Nature - 11-11-11

We Remember - 11-11-11

We Remember - 11-11-11

We Remember - 11-11-11

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Fourty-Fourth Week - Focus 52 - Boo!

This week the theme was 'Boo!'. I have some pictures on that theme and Hallowe'en in general and others that just follow my own theme. Here goes:

He's here.... (103)

Candy corn (99)

Grass in the Sun (102)

Sunny cat loves sun

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