Week Seventeen - Focus 52x2 - Signs of Spring

It's one of those weeks that I look at the prompt and then spend the rest of the week trying to take pictures of what I think I remember the prompt to be but don't want to recheck in case I'm wrong. In any case, the prompt is, I think, Spring (I just looked it up and it's Signs of Spring. So I was close!). I've taken the following on that theme, hoping that eventually spring will come to stay as opposed to just showing up for a day or so. We had snow on our deck this morning. Not cool. Not cool at all. Well, except for the temperature of the snow. That was quite cool.

Sidewalk Chalk



Work of everyone else here.

Week Sixteen - Focus 52x2 - My Town

I live in a town which is mainly a suburb of a city. I work and live in the city, have a house and family in the suburb. Taking photos in both will be different - one will give me trees and farms, the other can present a variety of building and construction. So this is a view of both:

The City. A view from the convention center of one of the most famous streets in our city. George Street. The grey brick building is a strip club.

Window uncovered
The view from the other side of the convention center. I've never seen the curtains open before.

Window through the window
The city. View from the museum. We went again with mom and dad. The views in that building are fantastic.

Farm House
Town. Just down the street. Farm house. Taken on a photo walk of our neighbourhood this evening.

Tree in the Sun
Town. Tree in the sun. Taken during a photo walk in our neighbourhood.

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Week Fifteen - Focus 52x2 - Perspective

I was up and down and all around this week. We had our spring break - even with a non denominational school system we're stuck to celebrating Easter - and we did stuff. Lots of stuff. I tried to focus on perspective when I could, to mixed results.

Shine and Colour
This was the museum. We went to visit and look at the exhibits - going back tomorrow to look at their new titanic display. These were also the museum


We also took a family photo adventure to some small towns nearby. I loved these traps
Family Photo Adventure - April 10th, 2012 - Traps

They were by the side of a house. This was a different side:

Then there was the beach:
Family Photo Adventure - April 10th, 2012 - The Beach

That was my favourite of my submitted pictures, but these were others along that stretch:

And, of course, the train bridge:
Family Photo Adventure - April 10th, 2012 - Bridge View

Other views include:

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Week Fourteen - Focus 52x2 - Pastels

This was a week where pastels were not prominent in my life. If you look at my photo stream, you'll see I wear a lot of black and this was a week where I wore a lot of black (I was tired, trying to be funky and colourful didn't happen much). However, I found some bright colours and some pastels (and some were as gloomy as my wardrobe!).

Buckets (255)

Iceball (256)

Pastal buckets

Twigs and stones (253)

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Week Thirteen - Focus 52 x 2 - Stacks

Great week - stacks is very work related and I admit it was hard to get out of that mode of thinking. However, I did get a few pictures that weren't work or stacks of books!

Chairs (249)

Jumping Boy

Ice Machine (246)

My favourite grass

Time at work (247)

Ok, only one set of stacks.

Work of everyone else here.