Eighteenth Week - Focus 52 - May Flowers - Quick Post

Well, this needs to be quick. I'm leaving for DC with a group of kids tomorrow and well, I'm not ready. Luckily I just added two pictures this week and that's really all I have for this week. I didn't really stick with the theme - May Flowers - as this week has been so super crazy. Anyway....

Self Portrait Saturday: Mother's Day Roses (281)

Given that I'm gone tomorrow, I got my Mother's day flowers today. A lego rose, a real rose. So beautiful both of them. I also got a letter in the mail from my son telling me how beautiful I am. I love that kid of mine.

The husband and I (276)

It's the husband and I in lego. This makes me giggle when I see it in my office!

The work of everyone else here.


Beth Crocker said...

I LOVE shooting toys! I never thought to do a lego flower! How creative!!!


Jan said...

A lego rose? How cool is that!!!
These are awesome shots.
Enjoy your trip!