Ninteenth Week - Focus 52 - Feminine

The theme this week, I have learned, is feminine. I only found this out yesterday and I looked to see what I took that could fit the theme. See, I spent this week in DC hanging with Obama (seriously - he was at the Newseum when I was!!). So here's my feminine takes, after the fact:

The ultimate feminine, in my opinion:


Eleanor Roosevelt. I take a picture of me with her every year.

From the same memorial:

Faces in the walls

The FDR memorial is my favourite, and not just because it has the only statue of a First Lady in DC. It is beautiful. This face was one in the wall representing the victims of the depression. She stood out to me so much.

And a mother and child duo, kinda....

Wicker mamma and baby

Representing the mama and babys of the zoo. So beautiful - I love how even wicker can care.

And then, two that I submitted to the pool that weren't on the them, but I really liked:

Beautiful Leaves

The sky through the leaves at the zoo


Dusk at Lincoln.

Work of every one else here.


Dagmar said...

well done...she is a very inspirational woman?

hootnonny said...

Nice work. The elephants are my favorite.