Fifth Week - Focus 52

Week five and the theme is framed. I tried to think of different ways that things could be framed in my vision and the different uses of frames that are out there.

One picture, which I took today, was of frames at my parents house.

Butterflies in frame (198)

These are frames in the dining room. The room was decorated at one point for a birthday party. Yet, after the decorations came down, these butterflies were left, as well as other small ones around the room. It's nice seeing them- cheery reminders of parties and celebrations.

The second picture, which I like as a concept more but I don't think I did as well as a picture is this one:


I like the concept of this one. This is a church on my daily runs. It's really beautifully landscaped - very symmetrical and landscaped. I love how the Mary is framed by the landscaping - the lights, the trees and the shaping. I did it in black and white because I felt that fit it best. I'm just not totally happy with the picture, otherwise it would be my number one choice. I think I eventually need to get an slr.

This is the one I chose as my definite focus 52 picture for this week:

When you look through my hole punch....(194) (4/52)

I framed the shot with my huge hole punch (here). I have taken countless shots of and around my library. Usually it's a little neater than it is in this shot but I like how the colours all come together to make a pretty view through the hole punch. It's nerdy wonderment. A library through a big hole punch.

Come see what everyone is doing here

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Jan said...

Great work! Out and about and thinking of the prompt. I love it!
And of course, that last shot is so clever :)