Eight Week - Focus 52 - Celebrating Me!

The theme this week is Celebrate Me!. I've been in a funk lately, feeling not so great about many factors and trying to get things to where I need them to be in my life. So I liked this prompt and decided to theme my pictures this week around that, trying to find things that I do like about myself.

Celebrating Me: Shoes (211)

This was the first one - shoes and fishnets. I wore them and felt good about me, my style and how I present myself. This doesn't always happen - sometimes I feel fat and dumpy and gross - but this picture reminds me I can be cute and stylish.

Celebrating Me: Social Justice (212)

I like that I'm the social justice person in the school. I like that I get these things - as soon as they arrive at school they're given to me. I like that people know I want to help others. And I really like these stickers - very pretty and well done.

Celebrating Me: Working Wednesday: Stood Up (213)

I did a great thing this week. Well, me and my two favourite students - the YAC. We organized pink shirt day, made it a success and stood up to bullying. Plus I had a GSA meeting which was so well attended - double the members! - and I knew that all the work that I do is so useful and appreciated.

Celebrating Me: Communications (214)

I celebrate that I can communicate in so many different ways. My job is to communicate with so many people and I have to find many ways to do this. Plus, I need to adapt to anything that comes my way. When you add in that it just looked like a great shot - fountain pen and android phone - I'm happy. The implied symbolism and the set up were great.

Celebrating Me: I have a son who loves me (215)

I don't always feel like a good mom. I don't always feel like I deserve the title of mom. I'm impatient, I'm stubborn, I'm frustrating. I like my space. But I guess I'm doing something right. My son loves me. And I love him.

Celebrating Me: Self Portrait Saturday: Celery (216)

My weight is always a struggle. I can't eat like most people and when I do, it goes bad on me. Or, I over do it. But I'm working so hard on this. I'm celebrating that I am starting to crave things like celery. It's pretty and so yummy. So pretty.

I'm not past the winter blahs that are impacting my mood and making me so frustrated with myself. But it has helped a little.

The great work of everyone else is here.


Made in Jersey said...

love the fishnets and those shoes! great shots. i've got the winter blahs too. i don't even want to go outside anymore until spring comes.

Jan @twoscoopz said...

All great shots!
and YAY for fun shoes :)
I'm with you on the winter blahs. Spring should hurry up ...

LadyHAHA said...

ah I hear ya on not eating well! I think my body is just magnetically attracted to fried crap and chocolate. If either of those two things are within a 50 mile radius, I'm shoving them in my face.

I heart the fishnet and heels shot and who can't love a "I Love Mom" note from your son? So sweet!