Fourth Week - Focus 52 - Play

The theme for this week was 'play'. For me, since I don't like to make pictures of my son public, this week was rather object based. I did take a picture that I liked - the son getting ready for soccer - but I stuck with the objects.

As always, I have three of my pictures from this week, with one being my final pick as my favourite.

The first is this one:

The power of Tonka (189)

We were cleaning up the basement this weekend (as an aside, the stuff we got rid of is shown in this picture - all except the tricycle which is being stored). We found the sons old tonka trucks. I love the colours of tonka - so business like and so childlike at the same time. They were some great toys and ones that he got a lot of use out of as he played.

The second is this one:


This one, for me, shows that you can play no matter how old you are (not that my dad is old. He's not. He's just older than my son). My mom decided to play with my dads mind and for Christmas got him a big puzzle - a 3000 piece puzzle. This was his toy, his puzzle, his quest for the past month. And it's done. He was so delighted - and challenged - by this puzzle that it was just a great release for him - which, really, is what playing is all about.

However, this third one is my focus 52 for the week.

Want to play? (187)

This is the new focus of the son - Chess. He just wants to play all the time these days. Someone at his afterschool program is teaching him and he's so excited by it - the idea that he can play with grown ups who quite often don't know as much as him. He finds it amazingly fun - and is good at it - and it really makes him happy to play.

The link to the work of everyone else is here. Lots of great work again this week!

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Jan said...

They're all fantastic but I love the last one best (left you some flickr love over there).
I just love the idea that your son is all over this! Chess is such a great learning tool for all sorts of life lessons. Good for him!