Sixth Week - Focus 52

The theme this week was love. The description is here.

As always, I have three pictures - only two could go in the flickr pool at this point because I uploaded last Sunday, but I'll share all three here.

This one is of student work:

Student Work

Love is Louder is part of our 'Love Yourself February'. We have so much planned like pink shirt day, yoga during lunch and guest speakers. They made hundreds of these hands all on this theme and they're going to put them up in the school. Great kids. Great message.

Self Portrait Saturday: A Box (203)

This is my first heart shaped box of chocolates ever. We decided to celebrate Valentines on Saturday and I came out of the shower to find this on my chair. They were yummy. Very yummy.

I think this is my focus 52 picture of the week:

Love (199)

This picture I took of the son and I one morning and then edited the heck out of it. I made it black and white, added a reddish tint and made it so that the arms weren't quite as awkward. I love my son. A lot. He's a great kid.

The work of everyone is here.


saintseester said...

I love the hand-holding photo, it's sweet.

hootnonny said...

All three images say "love." And I love them all!

Jan said...

You know, I don't have a single shot of 'hand holding' anywhere in my stuff. And I love it so much! LOL! I'll have to remedy that situation.

Awesome stuff this week!
mmmm ... chocolates :)