Seventh Week - Focus 52

This week I submitted four picture - and none of them are really the theme, even though I tried. The theme was close up.

The first picture is this one:


I love taking pictures at the grocery store, focusing in on one item - in this case, the rows of apples. I thought of the theme in that regard - the close up of apples, one simple, simple item in a very busy and at times overwhelming store.

Picture number two:

Love is Louder

This is a lot like one last week, just now it's part of a bigger work. In the comments you can see some close ups of others as well as the bigger work (edited to not show the school name). I LOVE this project, love what the students are doing and I really think that if they it's a good way for everyone to get close up and personal - loving and taking care of themselves.

Tiny Birds

This is me getting up close with origami. I love doing origami and got a chance to do it with the son. I decided to take some pictures of our work, up close and as personal as you can get with folded paper. These little birds were so cute.

And this is my picture of the week, the one I think best fits the theme.

I love chapters clearance (208)

Close up of the novel I bought and read the other night. It's a close up of the cover design - she always uses visuals to illustrate the theme. We got a little up close with a few characters and it was good.

Every one elses work here: Week Seven

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