Ninth Week - Focus 52 - Aged

Aged. Aged. Aged. I have aged. I tried to think of some things that were aged besides my face, my hair, my life, my underwear and my clothing in general. Some of them were easy, some were harder, some did involve my eyes and hair.

We had winter carnival a few weeks ago and part of the fun was making snow sculptures. However, the sad thing about snow sculptures is that they always melt. Which is good because the snow is going, but sad because the sculptures slowly lose their shape and personality. I think snow sculptures age the worst out of anything around. Here's an after view from my library:

Working Wednesday: Melting (220)

See the notes for a description of what they were.

We had a snow storm day this week - well, snow and rain storm. The son and I were home and made a treat for lunch - kraft pizza. This was a meal from my childhood. My dad used to make it for us. Now he makes it sometimes when we're out there. And now, sometimes, the son can make it:

Feeling Old (219)

He added the water to the crust mix and then spread it all out in the pan. He also spread his sauce, sprinkled the cheese and put his toppings on. He's gotten so old and so independent. If I have a son that has aged that much, what does that mean for me? Means he can make mine soon!

Literal aging: Old paper towel dispenser in a school:

Thought it would be best in black and white, just because.

The next two are the superficial stuff - the personal aging and what I'm doing to fight it. Thing is, I'm always going to look my age because it's how old I am. When I'm 50 I'll look 50 because I will be 50. When I'm 34 - oh wait - I'll look 34 because I am 34 (which, well, I am). However, sometimes, things need, well, help. My hair has never been great and I have aged it in so many ways. So I try to treat that. And then, well, wrinkles and black bags are part of what makes up my eyes - my son has black bags under his eyes, as does my mom. It's a family trait. Doesn't mean that I don't have to embrace it. So, the following are part of my days these days:

Aging Hair

Self Portrait Saturday: Wrinkles (222)

I have to say, the Boots Number 7 line is fantastic. I also have their moisturizing mask and it is fantastic. Get it at a shoppers (or, really, boots) near you.

The work of everyone else is here.


Made in Jersey said...

i have so many anti-aging products, i could open a store. i was told by my girlfriend on Friday night to buy Preparation H, out of Canada because it has an anti aging ingredient in it that's not sold in the United States. it's working for her she loves it. i just may have to give it a try!

Jillsy Girl said...

Aging is all relative. I hear you say 34 and I say to I wish I looked 34 again! :-)

Prep. H ~ hysterical!!

Jan said...

All great shots, and I love how you looked at the prompt in so many different ways.
I'm on the lookout for a new eye cream. I have the black eye family thing going on too. blech.
You're liking this one?

aedwards said...

I do like it - the boots line (which is only at shoppers) is great and this product is quite nice. I recommend it.