First Week - Focus 52

This week was the first week for Focus 52. I picked three very different pictures from this week to add to the pool because I couldn't commit, so I'll discuss each of them here.

Tree (168)

This one is one that was taken out of desperation - later in the day and trying to get one for my 365. However, when I looked at it on the computer, I liked it. I like how bereft the tree looked and how cold the presentation was. This was picture 168 from my 365.

Take out jell-o

We went to a restaurant and asked for the jell-o cup to go. Apparently you need to get everything in the take out containers - it was in jell-o cup shape in the container until the son attacked it. I like how jell-o looks in pictures - I guess it would be much worse if it had to be in shape.


This one was taken because I liked the arrangement - they had room scents that were themed on different authors. They then had some of the books by those authors. In between the two were animals - owls, turtles and so on. The display was really pretty - the colours were really great and the proportion and layout was perfectly done. Well done chapters peoples.

I think my favourite is the owls. I like the jell-o and the tree is nice but the owls had that little something about them. The pop of red, the greys and greens. I like it.

Week one roundup of the project here. Check it out - these people are good!

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