Third Week - Focus 52 - Cold

The theme this week was cold. Info found here.

Well, these days cold is easy to do. I have to admit, I am ALWAYS freezing at work and often when I'm home. The weather keeps changing, I'm drinking cold water and at times even wearing layers doesn't help.

So cold - taking pictures of it - seemed easy. It just wasn't quite as easy as I would have liked.

This picture:

This was a contender. I just felt bad because it was taken with the husbands camera last week and couldn't qualify if I play by the rules. When we went sledding last week I made a heart in the snow. The light and shadow weren't perfect but I like it. The cold white snow sparkled.

This one:
Bare Shrubs (182)

This one I also liked. The spareness of the bushes, the snow, the bricks all represent cold. I liked how there was one contrasting brick in the middle.

However, I had to go with this one from this week:

Boots (3/52)

This epitomizes for me what cold means. Having to get the son all dressed up for the cold, extra clothes, boots instead of sneakers and all of that fun stuff. Seeing rows of kids boots reminds me that I'm not alone in that frustration.

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