Week Twelve - Focus 52x2 - Minimal

This week I took a few good pictures, or, well, at least decent. Not totally minimal however. Here's what I have!

Parking lot watermelon (245)
We were driving down the parking lot, away from the grocery store and found this. Perhaps it's more absurd than minimal, but this sad little watermelon as part of this big big parking lot seemed so out of place.

Windy Day (243)
No special effects, no anything but some wind and a lawn ornament.

This one is, perhaps, the best example of minimal (or, even, the only). I like this one. I kept it simple and it was full of textures from the shadows.

Work of everyone else here.


Anna at In The Next 30 Days said...

I really like warm tones in the lamp shot. Minimal and lovely.

Jan said...

I love the lamp shot too. It glows.
And poor watermelon! Somebody will be wondering where their purchase is when they get home. LOL!

Thanks for linking up this week :)