Week Ten - Focus 52x2 - Words

Finally I'm getting my life back. Bronchitis is almost gone, Phantom is over. It's hard to get back into the swing of things but I love having my slr with me now (when I was running around and backstage it heavy to have my full camera bag). I have to say I miss the pictures I didn't take during the run of the show, so it's nice to just take random pictures of things as I see them, so I don't miss capturing the moment!

The theme this week was 'words'. Sometimes I was on theme, other times I was not. Here goes:

YA Novels make me happy (226)
Books make me happy. The words contained within them can be well written, poorly thought out, improbable, inspiring and so much more. But they're there. And sometimes, just sometimes, I can find the right ones that will transport a student to another world and make their lives a little bit brighter.

Hunger Games (231)
On that note... Hunger Games is going to be out as a movie soon. It's making the few kids who didn't already read it, go for it. I can barely keep it in the library. Seeing the displays at the bookstore is so fantastic - knowing so many kids want it is great. Have you read it?

New Office Ornament (227)
My dad retired in the past few weeks. This was on his desk and was part of his educational philosophy. He was - is - a great influence of mine so when he gave me this it was a great gift. Powerful words.

Bottles (230)
Not on theme but I liked how it turned out.

Work of everyone else here.


Sherry said...

LOVED Hunger Games trilogy -- hope the movie is as good - looking forward to it. Another series that I can read & reread. I've even gotten my husband reading them. Great shots of "words"/books.

Jan said...

I'm sad to admit I've never read it.
I need to rectify that! :)

Thanks for linking up this week!

LaValle Linn said...

You are so creative!