Week Eight - Focus 52x2 - Light

This blog post is late and is false. I didn't get my pictures blogged last week - and I ran out of time to get them up on the focus 52 linkups. First time in this whole process, the 52 weeks of last year and the eight weeks of this year. I felt quite badly about that.
Either way, the topic last week was light. I linked the following:
Relaxing time (210)
Seeing the light for the first time in a week and having some relaxing time.
All lit up (206)
Our set for phantom, all lit up
How the day worked out (209)
The show was so hot we lit up the theatre - and set the place on fire! A curtain caught on fire. This is a firefighters axe propped against our prop table.
Lights are bright (208)
I didn't put this one in the pool because I forgot about it. Beautiful lights we had to keep turned off as much as possible because they were so warm.
Work of everyone else (and not me!) here.

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