Week Two - Focus 52x2 - I am

Week two of Focus 52x2 is I am. This week I could have defined myself as many things - I am stressed, I am busy, I am without internet, I am wearing funky tights, I am feeling huge, I am a mom, wife, teacher, librarian, hopeful, sad, tired, ambitious. So many. Here are a few pictures helping along the description:

Wool Time (172)
I am a failed knitter. I am someone who loves this wool and wool like it. I saw this when I was at the craft store buying more wool for costumes I need.

Winter Daisy
I am a lover of daisies. So pretty.

New Home
I am producing 'Phantom of the Opera'. The Artistic Director gave me this for Christmas. I've rehomed it to my office. It's near the disco ball. This also says something about my office - kids come by to look at it sometimes.

Fallen Star (173)
Starfish on the beach on a windy day. I am someone who sometimes feels like this little fallen star. Needing to find the tide to bring me back. Sleep helps.

The Waves
I am an island girl. It's a cold island in the North Atlantic but it's an island and the ocean is my friend.

Work of everyone else here.


jj_mom said...

I love the idea that we are lots of things. And we love lots of things. Love that daisy photo. Great color and great focus.

Paula said...

Beautiful shots...all of them. I think my favorite is the fallen star; I love the textures

Jan said...

Great post! Love seeing all of the different faucets of you.
And I giggled at the 'feeling huge' LOL! Don't we all!

Thanks for linking up at focus52 :)