Week One - Focus 52x2 - New

And we're back - new focus 52 project! The theme this week was, quite fittingly, new. I put up two pictures:

New in the stores this week it's....

Cute little Giraffe (164)

Valentines supplies. No wonder time flies - major holidays and events are so planned out by the time they get here they're boring!

I bought myself a little treat:

Little red uke (167)

My little red ukulele. It makes me happy. I just need to get the strings to relax and stay in tune!! Of course, being a mom, everyone assumes it's for my son. But no - he's using my old one and I have a brand new geeky little one!

Work of everyone else here.


Jan said...

Welcome to 2012!
So nice to have you back :)

Go grab yourself a new button for your sidebar ;)

Christi said...

Love that red.

Shannon Hager said...

That is the cutest little Giraffe!

Paula said...

Both shots make me smile...and I am such a sucker for red!