Week Three - Focus 52x2 - Black and White

This week, the theme was black and white. Around here, it was also exhaustion and sinus infection. And, for a family photo project, the theme was wheels. So it was a week. However, I did get a few pictures that I liked, three of which were black and white. Win!

New Nail Polish (177)
Great new nail polish, a grey glitter. Sure it came off pretty quickly but I loved it when it was on.

National Popcorn Day (178)

Black and White and Grey (179)

Hot Wheels!
This one obviously isn't black and white. However, I really like how it turned out. So I'm sharing!

Work of everyone else here.


Sylvia @ From the Heart said...

Hi Alison! Kudos on sneaking in a few great pictures even with your busy week. My faves? The nail polish and the little cars (beautiful colors). Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

megan said...

I love the composition of the wheels, but you're right, the color photo of the cars turned out great. Certainly wouldn't be the same in B&W.

Julie said...

I love the little cars too. And I could imagine it in B&W too. :)

Paula said...

All of these are great; I'm drawn to those wheels and the last shot is clever indeed!