Tenth Week - Focus 52 - Variety

The theme this week was variety. I tried to take pictures that showed variety of items - I'm not great at having a variety of looks but I tried to get pictures of a variety of things.

Variety (228)
This starts it off - technology has become so amazing in my life I can upload things from my phone. And I can take pictures of me uploading pictures with my other camera.


I love how stores have the same style and a variety of colours - this is the spring tanks from Dominion/Joe. The display shows all kinds of colours, one style.

More flowers


Flowers. Are there any other things in nature that have more varieties?

Big ass to in bum - they have it all

This is my weekly giggle at variety. All the types of underwear. To be honest, it does help explain the types a bit better.

Everyone elses work is here.


Beth Crocker said...

hehehe, yep, the last shot makes me giggle too!

Anonymous said...

Nice shots! You certainly illustrated the prompt well! hope you're having a good weekend.

Dagmar said...

nice shots..I loved your variety!

Jan @twoscoopz said...

These are all great!
and I particularly love the last one. Made me giggle when I spotted it on flickr :)