Week 34 - Focus 52x2 - All creatures great and small

Ok.. bugs is where my brain went. If it was not for the great fear I have of wasps I could have had some great pictures. However, I did get up close and personal with a few creatures and their leave behinds....

little fellow

Outside the airport: bugs, gates and shoes
can't believe I didn't run away from that bee.

Cabbage Patch Kids
see all the snack holes?

Fresh as fresh can be  (27)
Ok, not bugs, not creatures but yummy yummy veggies.

Work of everyone else here.


Anna said...

Good for you for not running from the bee! They're interesting to watch if you can stop thinking of the stinging thing. :)

jan@twoscoopz said...

Yes, what Anna said! LOL!
I run like a girl from them. But put a camera in my hand and I'm right in there. Crazy :)

Great shots this week! Thanks for linking up!