Week 41 - Focus 52x2 - Autumn Colours

It's week 41 and I still need to look up how I format my titles. Sad really that I can't remember. Either way, the theme is Autumn Colours, something I've been missing greatly. Apparently the storm we had a few weeks ago killed that part of the trees so they're just getting to be a darker green and then losing their leaves, as opposed to the spectrum of autumn colours that we're used to. It's a suck it up princess kind of moment where I just need to search harder and find a way to make it work. I found some and tried not to duplicate pictures that I'd taken last week of pumpkins and flowers.

Fall, finally! (72)

Fall, finally!

Kid in a tree

Fall leaves (71)

Work of everyone else here.

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jan@twoscoopz said...

We had a brilliant show here, but they've disappeared quite quickly!
Quick Fall = sad Janice.
LOL ;)
Lovely shots this week!