Fourty-First Week: Focus 52: Free Week

We had a free week this week - we could shoot anything we liked. I had a good Sunday for photos, making me glad that I could include them (I can include Sunday to Saturday, right?). Anyway, lots of nature, bits of awesome child.

This was his favorite of all of the pictures. Not the best technically but made the little man so very happy.

Thanksgiving day at the parents house

Thanksgiving day at the parents house
Thanksgiving at the parents house and time to walk through the changes in the garden.

Lil Pumpkins (80)
Our Hallowe'en pumpkins. Goodness knows what they'll become.

Beer Budget, Champagne Tastes (78)
Playing around with a lens the husband has.

Can't believe that there's only 11 weeks left to the year!!

Work of everyone else here.


Sereina said...

Love the last shot!

Laurie said...

Love the color pics, and the last one too! I'm drinking wine right now.