Fortieth Week - Focus 52 - Shadows

So... shadows - or in my case, lack thereof. It was an overcast and grey week all week and inside just wasn't cutting it. So I just have two pictures that I like, rather than to theme. So here they are:

This one I took to try to get the shadows but it didn't work so well. I was also struck by how good the colours look together - it's my parents bathroom so I can't take any credit. The colours are fantastic together I think.

I take a lot of pictures of my son but not of my cat. This week I tried to change that - my hungry cat, yelling at me to feed him (which I don't do - the son does that and was about to do it when I took this).
Feed Me!!! (73)

Work of everyone else here.

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nicolewian said...

That cat looks a little scary. :)