Thirty-second week - Focus 52 - Smile

Only two pictures this week. Long story. However, I kinda like them. The theme was smile but it's more what makes me smile, not pictures of smiles.



This makes me smile. Partly because of how often I do take pictures of flowers and partly because it makes me happy, knowing how my new camera can take beautiful pictures.

And this of course makes me smile:

This afternoon (19)

The son and I had some starbucks time, reading and enjoying some overpriced drinks. Of course, can you call them overpriced if you enjoy them? I LOVE how much he loves to read. Here he's perusing 'Quidditch through the ages', which I hope can answer some questions more than I can. I LOVE IT! I makes my little librarian heart sing.

Work of everyone else here.

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LaValle Linn said...

This post started my day. Well done on all accounts.