Thirty First Week - Focus 52 - Sun

So the weather this week SUCKED. And next week is bad too. And my computer blew up - virus and power issues. Things have not been conducive to me doing the theme this week or doing a blog when I meant to on my own computer. However, I did submit three pictures to the forum - one taken Sunday, two others taken throughout this week. The weather is horrible. This was bad for so many reasons - especially given that this is the time my husband and I have off.



The husband on one of the decent days.

I'm a stereotype

In the garden, last Sunday. Rain has been falling already.

Fog City Diner (14)

One of our rainy day adventures. Best burger ever.

Work of everyone else here. Hoping I get the ability to visit most of them like I usually do - this broken laptop thing is horrid!!

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Jan @twoscoopz said...

These are all so great! and that flower - gorgeous. Florals always look so much better with raindrops :)

Hope the sun comes out for you soon! (in more ways than one!)