Week 27 - Focus 52x2 - Celebrate!

This week the celebrations around our house have been for the summer. For good food, good times and the ability to take off and go on photo adventures when ever we want. We had a great time eating homemade burgers and homemade bacon (!!! so good!!) with my parents for Canada Day. Then my husband took some time off and we've been celebrating being off. Usually at this point the son is in camp and I'm teaching summer school. But not this year!!

Drinks for the Canada Day celebrations.

Photo walk downtown after going out for burgers.

Day trip to Bell Island. An old, unused mine.

Here Be Bats
That cave? On Bell Island. We went in a little bit. And I got very very freaked out. Very freaked out. I saw what I thought (and still think) was a bat. And then, as I was about to leave, the husband asked me to come and stand by him while he took a picture. Under the bat. Looking at pictures taken into the tunnel, it is generally agreed that it's a bat. I know they don't bite, but I had visions of it in my hair.

Skeeball High Score!! (347)
A true celebration. I got my highest score yet in skeeball. 32000. Yay!!

All of these are straight out of camera - I just got a new laptop (another celebration) and no photo editing software on it.

Work of everyone else here.

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Paula said...

Looks like a great day; I love that flower standing tall and proud. The first shot just makes me smile!