Week 23 - Focus 52x2 - Get Down

I tried to do this one and found myself lying on floors, crouching to see down low and look up. Some of the pictures I'm pleased with, some were not quite as clear. Here goes!

Zoom lens
Playing with a borrowed zoom lens.

Getting Down: Shelves
The library floor needs to be cleaned.

Wet dandelions in seed form.

Down Low: Work Feet (307)
Biggest problem at work - finding my shoes. They rarely stay on for long.

Get Down: left behind toys
Toys left behind.

Big Kid
Not in the group as I am mixed on this on. I like the colours, don't like how fuzzy my son is. I do love the perspective of it and it's what I'd hoped to do, just not with the lack of focus. He kept banging into me. Pictures like this remind me that I always need to have clothing in which I can hang out on the pavement.

Work of everyone else here


Sherry said...

Like the skateboarder - the POV is really good.

Anonymous said...

Great shots. I love the bird best -but just because I love birds. But you have some really creative perspectives here.