Week Twenty - Focus 52x2 - Nuturing



So, um, I've been out of it. Two weeks ago I was supposed to travel out with a student group I run. We were going to DC. And we were fogged in. So I didn't get anything added as it was just a weekend of stress and horror. Then last weekend we actually went! Now I've been back for a couple days but had no clue of the theme. So I've added a few pictures that I like from this week. I'll be back on track soon I hope!

Washington DC 2012 - Art Gallery
At the art gallery in DC

Washington DC 2012 - Abandoned Georgetown Mall
An abandoned mall in Georgetown.

Photo Adventure - Waterford Bridge Road Graveyard
Local. A statue in a very old graveyard in town.

Photo Adventure - Waterford Bridge Road Graveyard (293)
Graveyard again.

Hopefully I'll be back on track soon!

Work of everyone else here.


jan@twoscoopz said...

Okay, so I really want to know why the mall is abandoned.
Unless its just closed. LOL!
I love those lantern lights though!

heavenlyginger said...

The mall was closed the end of march. I wish I'd had more time (had to meet students). It was eerie and fantastic.