Week Five - Focus 52x2 - Cold

This week it was a little easier to follow the theme - cold was the theme for this week, literally. We had a half a storm day this week, then a full storm day - two days off of school. During the half day, 21 cm of snow fell in two hours. It was crazy. And then today, Saturday, we had another waste of a storm day and had a blizzard. Lots of snow, lots of cold. Of course, it meant that I couldn't take my camera out easily - so much snow falling would have hurt it. But I did get a few shots!

Snowy snowy bushes (191)

Blue accents on a cold day

Dog Prints

Work of everyone else here.


Jan said...

Beautiful shots!
We got dumped on here too, but I didn't venture out. When I did, it was all gone! LOL

Thanks for linking up at focus52!

Anna Hartman said...

Love the footprints. You really have shown the cold. Good shots.