Fiftieth Week - Focus 52 - Sparkle and Shine

Holy Crap it's week 50! And more than that, I took some on theme!!

Sparkle and shine was the theme. And here goes:

I know I'm overdoing it! (147)
My work Holiday tree! It didn't take that long and it's beautiful!! I'm so very proud! Being a book nerd can be fun!

Working Wednesday: New Necklace (145)
It sparkles. Someone asked me what kind of leaf it was and I said a jewelry leaf. I love how it shines and sparkles.

The lights are like fireworks
The lights shine like fireworks.

Sparkle bulb

Spotlight on glitter!

Work of everyone else here.

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Jan said...

and I LOVE the book tree! Genius :)

Thanks for linking up on the focus52 blog, hon xoxo