Twenty-Seventh Week - Focus 52 - Independence

This week the theme was independence. Some of my pictures reflected that, others I just liked.

MUNDY POND:Independent boy

This is my boy, starting to claim some independence. Taking different paths and going his way.

Little plant

This plant is growing on it's own and doing it's own thing.

Flowers on the table

This is sotry of independent. The husband and I had a date night and then a date morning - the son slept over at his grandparents house. This was us eating out at Rocket Bakery to have our breakfast.


I just liked the look of this - an old parking sign that I saw on a walk downtown.

Daisies at Dusk

Daisies and dusk. Beautiful to me.

Work of everyone else here.

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alison said...

Lovely set of shots - glad you had a bit of a date night/morning - happy independence to you :)