Fourteenth Week: Yellow

Well, this week was much harder then green. For some reason, yellow was hard for me. Not sure why. I think this week was just crazy - sick child, pd day, etc. However, I did snap a few, and some of them were even yellow!

First, one that is not:

Awesome stairs

So it's not yellow. But it's cool. I love how it looks - the winding is fantastic.

Then, a yellow one:

Self Portrait Saturday: Best Shopping Trip Ever (252)

The yellow from the bag of eggs pops out from the orange of the lego. We had to look and look and look to find eggs that did not have nuts. And then, we needed 24 lego figures - we found 23. But it came together and we found eggs. And we'll find another minifig. Hidden in there are two small lego sets and two chocolate bars. It was a great shopping trip. And we're nearly ready for the lootbags for the big event next week.

And then, the one that I took at work and had to hide what I was doing...
April Showers bring May Flowers... (251)

I was so worried the kids would see me taking the picture. They already think I'm weird. But I couldn't resist - the flowers set out for the pot luck were so bright and yellow and the theme just kept ringing in my head. I think the nutrition teacher would be pleased.

The work of everyone else here.


hootnonny said...

Nice work. I was surprised to see fake flower in your tag. Had to go back and look. Still looks real to me. Sounds like you had a fun party!

charlottes web said...

I understand your passion for taking photos! Looks like you have a wide range of talent from abstract to soft and colorful. I love the yellow in this flower!

Sandra Chetwynd said...

Great shots! Loving that yellow flower!

Jan @twoscoopz said...

That winding stairway is way too cool. Excellent take on it!
And the rest are yellow! Great captures!

Lauren said...

I can't tell you how many times I've had to "sneak" a picture! For a sneaky shot, it turned out amazing though! I also really like the stair picture :)